Europe 2020

About WGE

World Governance Expedition (WGE) is an experiential programme, aimed at introducing unique governance models and policies which contribute to successful development stories of nations. It is a unique opportunity to meet politicians, government executives, civil society representatives, social entrepreneurs, scholars, and much more to understand the governance processes.

Only 20 selected delegates will get a chance to represent India on a global platform and will travel across 5 countries in Europe meeting various policy stakeholders over 8 day.

  • When and Where

    May 03 – 10, 2020
    Germany | Netherlands | Belgium | Switzerland | France

  • Community Members

    Click here  to see actively connected community of changemakers from previous editions of WGE


Image result for Parliament of germany berlin

Parliament of Germany


Berlin wall | Germany

Image result for Bremen Town Council - Bremen

Bremen Town Council | Germany

Mercedes factory | Germany

Image result for International Court of Justice - The Hague

International Court of Justice | Netherlands

Image result for Embassy of India - The Hague

Embassy of India | Netherlands

Image result for Global Human Rights Defence - The Hague

Global Human Rights Defence | Netherlands

Image result for European Council - Brussels

European Council | Belgium

Image result for European Commission - Brussels

European Commission | Belgium

Image result for United Nations - Geneva

United Nations | Switzerland 

Image result for World Trade Organization - Geneva

World Trade Organization | Switzerland 

Image result for The Graduate Institute - Geneva

The Graduate Institute | Switzerland