World Governance Expedition

Ever wondered how nations deal with public policy and governance? How politicians engage with the civil society, & the role government plays in the life of a citizen? How do entrepreneurs bring innovation in governance? How are debates structured around the elections?

World Governance Expedition is the opportunity to find these answers.

The World Governance Expedition (WGE) introduces international best practices in governance and public policy to a selected cohort of young leaders from India. A travel-based experiential programme, WGE aims to understand governance and policy models across the world and their viability in the Indian context. Since its inception in 2014, Vision India Foundation has organized WGE in the US (2016), the UK in (2017) and Israel(2018)

United States

First Edition of World Governance Expedition went to the US in 2016. For more details click here


The second edition of World Governance Expedition happened in 2017 in Britain. For more details click here


Third Edition of World Governance Expedition took place in 2018 in Israel in collaboration with Embassy of Israel. For more details click here