Vikasa : Indic Leadership Retreat

Vikasa is a week-long leadership retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas at Rishikesh for young minds to rejuvenate and awaken their leadership potential. The program aims to equip the participants with tools, frameworks, and worldviews to bring out the dynamic and vibrant energy in them, rooted in a core inner stability.

This youth-centric retreat aims to bring out learnings from the Indian tradition and knowledge systems to offer mental maps through its well-developed philosophies, frameworks, and integrated lifestyle practices. This retreat will enable people to imbibe the qualities that make for a true leader: compassion, vision for the larger good, a sense of ownership, self-reliance, energetic action, decision-making with clarity, inspirational stewardship and self-poise.

Program Topics
  • Social structures in Ancient India

  • Principles of Good Governance and Leadership

  • Educational Models from ancient India

  • International Leadership: Principles and Strategies

  • Indian Ethos: Yoga, Ayurveda and Astronomy

  • Indic Frameworks: Ethics, Sustainability and Karma

Who should attend?
  • College Students

  • Academicians

  • Social Leaders

  • Aspiring Public Thinkers

  • Aspiring public and professional leaders

  • Policy Professionals


Anaadi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to self-unfoldment of young people and inspiring them to lead a self-reliant, successful and socially conscious life.

Education, Culture, Well-being, and Sustainability are the key focus areas of Anaadi Foundation. So far Anaadi Foundation has reached out to more than 50 Institutions and 10,000 people, since its inception in 2015, through its various programs that blend modern and ancient thoughts and knowledge systems. Anaadi Foundation’s flagship programs include Himalayan Yatra and Winter Youth Leadership program.