P3E: Public Policy Program for Executives

4th Edition | Monsoon 2020

About P3E

Public Policy Program for Executives (P3E) is a 15-week immersive educational program in Public Policy and Governance specially curated for working professionals who are aspiring to become India’s future leaders. The program is handcrafted to equip the delegates with a practitioner’s perspective which combines the fundamental elements of immersion, imagination, and fun-learning along with the rigour and depth of an academic program to propel careers.

“A compass to steer your momentum towards nation building”

P3E is a comprehensive finishing school to prepare India’s young talent to execute nation’s complex and urgent needs. P3E curriculum is a synthesis of contemporary theoretical models with India’s cultural, social and economic matrix. It involves direct contact with administration and policy experts – a signature of Vision India Foundation.

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Key Features

  • Calendar Fit

    Specially crafted to suit delegates’ schedule with bite-sized weekend modules of online and in-person meetings.

  • Practitioner’s Perspective

    The delegates take the pilot’s seat in policy-making with senior policymakers as instructors and mentors for the program.

  • Unique Pedagogy

    Handcrafted curriculum, networked approach along with online & offline delivery of content. Monthly workshops, stakeholder consultations, peer learning and field visits to enrich your learning experience.

  • Indic Frameworks

    To contextualize theoretical models of governance with India’s unique context.

  • Hands-on Project

    The delegates get involved with a senior bureaucrat in a design-build project to learn the intricacies of governance.

  • Personalized Mentoring

    Direct proximity with senior policymakers, opportunity to network and understand the policy and political economy trade-offs.

Experts On Board


Prof. Rajeev Malhotra
Jindal School of Govt. & Public Policy

Shri Atul Tiwari
Additional Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India.

Shri Arun Maira
Former Member of Planning Commission,
Former Chairman of BCG.

Shri Kunal Kumar
Joint Secretary & Mission Director (Smart Cities Mission), MoUHA, Govt. of India

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan
Indian Politician
Founder, Loksatta Party

Dr. Richa Kumar
Associate Professor at School of Public Policy, IIT Delhi.

Shri R. Jagannathan
Editorial Director of Swarajya, Former Editor-in-Chief of all Network18 publications.

Lt. Gen. Rameshwar Yadav
PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Veteran)
Former Director General Infantry, Indian Army

Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee
Director, Praxis Business School and Former Director, IBM India.

Srikanth Viswanathan
Chief Executive Officer at Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Delegates Speak

“P3E is a novel idea in policy education! The quality and mix of speakers, teachers as well as peers in the cohort is top notch! The highlight being the “hands-on project” where we solve actual challenges and closely observe how government functions. The course is rigorous, so be up for it!”

Susmita Sinha
Susmita SinhaFounder, LocalFeedback.org

“The P3E program enabled me to interact with policy experts I’ve followed for years. Great balance of field visits, that help shed preconceived notions; participative classroom and Webinar sessions, that shaped my critical thinking through rigorous discussions and the “Hands On Project” (HOP) that help us experience governance from a practitioner’s perspective. The delegates and the VIF team are extremely supportive and fun and I’ve made many friends.”

Vinay Venkatraman
Vinay VenkatramanColumbia University, New York

“I joined the first edition of P3E in January and I have to say that it is truly one of the best part-time public policy programmes out there! The programme has a diverse blend of academically bent lectures, interactive sessions, and panel discussions to understand the policy-making space with various kinds of stakeholders in the industry. It combines theoretical learning with practical application through a variety of activities and especially the Hands-on project, which gave us the exposure while working with a bureaucrat on areas of national policy priorities.”

Neha Nagpal
Neha NagpalConsultant, PwC


The P3E is designed for young people who are ready to launch themselves in the domain of public policy and public leadership. We are looking for:

  • Policy Professionals engaged with Corporates, Consulting Firms, Government Organizations, Political Organizations, Civil Society, Media, and Social Development Organizations, who wish to undergo a rigorous academic program in the domain.
  • Postgraduates and Doctorates wishing to understand the practitioners’ perspective of  Public Policy and Governance.
  • Public Leaders and Development Professionals and enthusiasts who wish to equip themselves with the tools of Public Policy, to be incorporated as a medium of change.
  • Practising and aspiring civil servants who wish to undergo a  formal grounding in contemporary models across the world such as ‘New Public Management’.
  • Policy Researchers who wish to augment their academic knowledge with the real-world understanding of governance systems.
  • Young working professionals who look-up to Public Policy as a viable career option, and higher education possibility.
  • People with the curiosity to understand India better to foster enlightened citizenship.

Selection Process

Applications are to be submitted online. Scroll down for the application form.

Selection Criteria:

1. Achievements and Past Engagements

2. Relevant Work Experience/Qualifications and Intent

3. Video Essay (required for financial assistance)

Shortlisted applicants will also be asked for a web/telephonic interview.

This program is for Indian Citizens only.

Please note that there is no application fee and you only have to pay the program fee once you get selected.


Program cost is ₹ 45,000 + applicable tax . It is to be deposited only after selection.

This cost is for the entire program duration of 15 weeks, for all the offline+online sessions, study material, and all academic content. This would be payable in 2 instalments.

Financial Assistance: 

Don’t let finances become a barrier to unboxing India and engaging with the nation’s policymakers.  

Financial assistance in the range of 10%-60% of the program fee will be offered on a merit-cum-means basis to selected candidates.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation in India, in the upcoming 2020 Monsoon edition, the 1st and 2nd Meetups will be organized online. The 3rd meetup will be an in-person meeting and is likely to happen in November 2020, so the delegates will be able to comfortably attend the program!

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