P3E: Public Policy Program for Executives

  • Dr. Jitendra Singh (MoS PMO) launching P3E

P3E is a 15-week immersive educational program in Public Policy and Governance specially curated for India’s future leaders. The program is handcrafted to equip the delegates with a practitioner’s perspective. This combines the fundamental elements of immersion, imagination, and fun-learning with the rigor and depth of an academic program that can propel careers.

“A compass to steer your momentum towards nation building”

P3E is a comprehensive finishing school to prepare India’s young talent to execute her complex and urgent needs. A synthesis of contemporary theoretical models with India’s cultural, social and economic matrix. The program pedagogy involves immersive learning experiences through direct contact with the administration and policy experts – the signature of Vision India Foundation programs.

Program Highlights

  • Calendar Fit: The program is specially crafted to suit the delegates’ calendars with bite-sized weekend modules and a healthy mix of online and in-person meetings
  • Practitioner’s Perspective: The delegates take the pilot’s seat of policymaking with senior policymakers as trainers and mentors for the program
  • Hands-On Project: Delegates to get involved with a top-bureaucrat in a design-build project to learn the intricacies of governance
  • Indic Frameworks: To contextualize theoretical models of governance with India’s unique context
  • Personal Mentorship: Direct proximity with senior policymakers and an opportunity to network and get intimate with the policy and political economy trade-offs
  • Unique Pedagogy: Handcrafted curriculum and pedagogy – Learning by doing
    • Network approach – the Strategic value of enriching talent and connecting them to opportunities
    • Online+Offline Delivery of Content (Digital+Physical Mix)
    • Monthly Workshops, Stakeholder Consultations, Peer Learning and Field Visits
  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Public Policy: A rich and eclectic multi-disciplinary approach to introduce the aspiring change-makers to the complexities of policymaking in India

Applications for Public Policy Program for Executives(P3E) 2019 are closed

  • When

    January 2019 – April 2019

    The program duration is 15-weeks, with a healthy mix of online and in-person sessions, starting from 12th January. More details can be seen here

  • Curriculum

    The program combines the elements of immersion, imagination, and hands-on learning with the rigor and depth of an academic program. The detailed curriculum can be seen here

  • Speakers

    The program brings policymakers from diverse fields like Cabinet Ministers, Senior Bureaucrats, Parliamentarians, Politicians, Academicians, Policy Researchers, Grassroots Leaders, Policy Consultants, Policy Advisors etc.

    We are in the process of finalizing the Mentors for the program. Here is the list of P3E Mentors, so for who have agreed to mentor the program & delegates. In the meantime, you can also have a look at the Mentor Network, Policy BootCamp speakers, and Good Governance Yatra speakers of VIF

  • Where

    The program is weekend based, with both online+in-person deliveries of content. There will be 9 in-person sessions which will be happening in New Delhi, while the rest would be delivered online. More details can be seen in the detailed program structure

  • Hands-on Project

    To get a flavor of the policy-making exercise, the delegates at P3E would engage with top-bureaucrats in a design-build project to learn the intricacies of governance. Tentative list of projects can be seen here

  • Delegates

    The delegation would include policy practitioners and enthusiasts coming from backgrounds like corporate, consultancy firms, government departments/organizations, civil society, political parties, grassroots organizations, media, research organizations etc.

    Delegate Profiles of the inaugural batch of P3E can be seen here

Check out FAQs about the P3E. If you still aren’t able to find the answer to your query, please feel free to email on p3e@visionindiafoundation.com