1 year of VIF

Twelve months ago, VIF started its journey with a policy workshop at IIT Delhi. As we complete one year of nation-building, we feel proud to share our story so far.

On 6th November 2014, the day that marked VIF’s launch, we had asked the participants about their career choices. The average age of respondents was just over twenty years. Coming from some of the best institutes of the country, more than 22% said they want to go for politics / bureaucracy / and related careers. A similar number chose entrepreneurship.

This could be the most passionate and fortunate generation in India for centuries. This is the youth for which we are building the nation of our dreams, and this is also the youth which will realize this dream. Young India wants to make a difference. We keep working to ignite this spirit.

Over the last year, we built a strong advisory board and mentor panel consisting of academicians, industry leaders and professionals. Our network of ambassadors reaches three continents, and our 6-member executive team is as excited as ever. Soon, we will also have ten fellows join us for different projects.

We hosted the nation’s first Policy BootCamp which was appreciated by politicians cutting across party lines, reputed bureaucrats, grassroots workers, academicians and social leaders alike. Delegates spent 21 energetic days with us, many of whom regard this as a transformational experience.

15 summer interns worked in stressful climate to bring changes. Some worked in remote tribal villages, some with top-level governance agencies and policy makers. From these experiences, it is clear that the system can involve young talent to bring unforeseen progress.

To further train aspiring change agents, we have planned programs like the Good Governance Yatra. We are also about to roll out an advanced policy research camp in partnership with one of the world’s best university and a reputed grassroots organization.

With a strong technology background, our team has developed products which can transform the way democracy functions in India. These technology products will make democracy truly participative and help elected representatives improve their efficiency and effectiveness in managing the constituency.

In addition to this, we have co-published a book on citizen engagement, worked with government agencies and political parties for research, and conducted Hangouts with renowned personalities in this space. While doing all this, we partnered with state governments, academic institutions, members of the parliament, non-governmental organizations and more. Moving forward in creating this ecosystem where we train young people for nation-building, we are consolidating our programs and working on specific reforms needed for the country.

A detailed description of the journey so far and the roadmap of the organization is here.

India needs a critical mass of change agents. Once it crosses that tipping point, there will be no looking back. The youth is craving to be a part of the change. Will we, as a nation, provide the right opportunity and mentorship?