Updates from November 2017

Young Diplomats Conclave

As a step to further India’s international linkages and create lasting relations, Vision India Foundation embarked upon creating the Global Young Achievers Network (GYAN). Designed to identify and groom young, motivated change-makers from around the globe as dynamic next-generation leaders and India-friends, GYAN aims at facilitating intercultural

The first programme of GYAN was organized for young diplomats from across the world, currently serving in India. “The Young Diplomats Conclave: India Unbound” was organized on 20th November by Vision India Foundation in New Delhi. Attended by a diverse cohort of twenty diplomats, the Conclave saw a representation of twelve countries including the United States of America, Guyana, Norway, Mexico, Vietnam and representation from the European Union.

Change Agents Network – New Milestones

The Change Agents Network is an attempt by VIF to build a private social network for young change agents. We have crossed 2500 accounts last month and nearing 50 discussion groups on the platform. This is a unique platform for young people who want to make a change. The platform allows one to discuss issues of national and international importance, collaborate on initiatives, and get career guidance. To join the network sign up here.


As India rises steadily on the path of becoming a global power, our actions hold tremendous possibilities both for our people and the world in general. Shyam Kumar and Arunima Gupta from the Vision India Foundation team, extrapolate on India’s dream for herself and the world, as one which guides India to shape the global order on premises of shared prosperity and mutually beneficial development. Read the article published in the DNA here.

Featured Fellow of the Month

Supriya Patil, Development Associate, Vision India Foundation, is working in Palghar district of Maharashtra on integrated rural development. This month she trained 150 women members of Self Help Groups from sixteen villages on different livelihood opportunities. One of her goals is to build self-reliance of the women in these villages.

Featured Alumnus of the Month

Varun Pendyala is working as a Research Associate in Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Program, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. According to him “Larger systemic changes can be achieved by engaging with the government in the policy-making process”. With this thought in mind, he is working with the officials in the district administration to understand the various schemes, procedures/processes involved, grievance redressal mechanisms in place and the implementation challenges. Also, he is engaging with the people by conducting surveys, interviews and inspections. This approach has helped him in gaining valuable insights on issues in beneficiary identification, procedural hurdles, malpractices across the process chain that stall intended benefits. His on-ground experiences are helping him come up with informed perspectives & work towards solutions based on evidence and logic.

VIF Fellowships 2018-21

We are glad to announce that applications are open for the third batch of VIF Fellowship, a 3-year program for aspiring public leaders. The program helps you develop a full-time career in nation-building. Because nation-building is not a part-time job.

Apply at

At VIF we continue to maintain our focus on building the future leaders of our country – young change agents who are sincere and committed to nation-building. We will keep you posted about the happenings from our end. Thank you for the continued support.