Updates from May 2018

Venture Capital Symposium

Vision India Foundation and NITI Aayog organized a 3 day Venture Capital Symposium as a follow-up to the visit of the French President Emmanuel Macron to India. 20 of the biggest French venture capital and private equity funds were introduced to investment opportunities in Indian startups. About 100 early to mid-stage Indian startups pitched their ventures to these investors. Official press release

Manifesto Card Game – Featured on Rajya Sabha TV

Manifesto is a strategic team game created to bring elections into your living room. VIF designed the game to increase awareness about elections and the nuances involved in electioneering. The game gives the players a chance to become a political party, contest elections, win constituencies, form alliances and much more. RSTV news report 


The recent controversy about financial irregularities at the Tirupati, illustrates the structural problems with the Indian state controlling Hindu temples. In this article, VIF research associate Shyam Kumar explores the range of issues created by state control of Hindu temples

In this video series, Shantanu Kishwar, Research Associate, Vision India Foundation, discusses Sanjeev Sanyal’s sweeping history of the Indian ocean in his book ‘The Ocean of Churn’. These videos show how history looks different when you move to the coastlands.

Energy is going to be the key engine for India’s economic growth. A push for global collaboration and investment in the Oil and Gas sector is going to be key in moving toward its ambition to generate 175 GW of clean energy by 2022. Ravi Sankar Nadimpalli from the Vision India Foundation team shares his thoughts on the recently hosted 16th International Energy Forum – Ministerial Conference (India), in this article published in the Modern Diplomacy.

Indic Calendar at VIF

The VIF office has migrated from the Gregorian calendar to the Indic lunisolar calendar. Weekly holidays at VIF office are now according to the lunar dates (tithi). This helps the team members at VIF align festivals they celebrate and fasts they observe with the weekly holidays. The choice to move to the Indic lunisolar calendar is to align the lifestyle of the team with the social and cultural ethos of the country.

Featured Fellow of the Month

Amrut Kulkarni is a development fellow of VIF working in Hubballi-Dharward region of Karnataka. During the recent Karnataka assembly elections, Amrut worked in 5 assembly constituencies assisting the candidates of a political party. He traveled across the constituencies and gave inputs to the campaign head. This involved designing the social media strategy, fixing loopholes in booth management, and identifying issues to be highlighted in the candidates’ speech. He worked to strengthen panna pramukhs, and booth committees, and addressed small gatherings in these constituencies. Out of the 5 constituencies in which Amrut was involved, the party won 4 seats. This experience is part of Amrut’s training to understand Indian elections and electioneering. It will be valuable in his long political journey ahead.

Featured Alumnus of the Month

Rishabh Surolia is an alumnus of the World Governance Expedition 2016 to the United States of America. Rishabh along with his school friends has created Vaada Raha a portal to track the promises made by the incumbent NDA government in its 2014 election manifesto. The portal is unbiased and objectively tracks the implementation of the manifesto. This helps the citizens look at the report card of the Government objectively.

Featured Mentor of the Month

Anil Swarup, a mentor to Vision India Foundation, is a 1981 Batch Civil Servant and is currently serving as Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy. At a recent conference, Mr Anil Swarup stated that the role of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is vital for a robust pre-school education format. He said, “The government or private sector alone cannot solve the humongous task of redefining the pre-school education system in India. Volume or size can come from government, but quality will come from the private sector”. Mr Swarup has always advocated that ideas should be “politically acceptable, socially desirable, technologically feasible, financially viable and administratively doable”.

Upcoming Program – World Governance Expedition

Embassy of Israel and VIF invite young leaders for World Governance Expedition, 13-19 October, Israel.

An opportunity to be a Citizen Ambassador and represent India in Israel. Understand how a country of the size of Mizoram influences the world affairs. Learn first-hand from the leaders and administrators of Israel.

1. Under 40 years of age
2. Indian citizen and first-time visit to Israel
3. Leadership potential

Apply now

At VIF we continue to maintain our focus on building the future leaders of our country – young change agents who are sincere and committed to nation-building. We will keep you posted about the happenings from our end. Thank you for the continued support.