Updates from July 2019

Namaste from Vision India Foundation. In July, we started the VIF Fellowship Residency (an incubator for public leaders), conducted the World Governance Expedition to Russia and the Public Policy Program for Executives, published research, etc.  It should be a quick 5 mins read.

VIF Fellowship Residency Begins 

VIF’s fellowship program has taken a paradigm shift. It is now a 1-year residency program with a core focus on Indian knowledge systems and its application in various domains. The 2019 cohort began their fellowship journey on 3rd July 2019 on an auspicious day of Ashadha Shukla Pratipada.

The fellowship program started with a Yagna and a 3-day course on “Who we are?- India’s civilizational identity, stability, and prosperity”. Raghav Krishna, senior consultant at VIF, conducted sessions on diverse topics ranging from understanding the strengths and salient features of Indian civilization to the cohesive approach of ancient Indian knowledge and its modern manifestation.

World Governance Expedition to Russia

A 26 member delegation from VIF visited Russia through the World Governance Expedition. It was a 7-day visit, which included meetings with various Russian government institutions, think-tanks, museums, public representatives, etc. The expedition covered Moscow and St Petersburg. The intention was to study first-hand the systems and institutions of Russia and pick up the best practices.

Public Policy Program for Executives – Monsoon Edition Begins

The 2nd edition of Public Policy Program for Executives (P3E) began on 12th July through a 3-day contact class. 32 delegates are part of this 15-week course which is a combination of online lectures and 9 contact days. The speakers in this meetup were Sh Gautam Chikermane (VP, ORF), Dr R Balasubramanium (Founder and Chairman, GRAAM) and Raghav Krishna and Kumar Subham from Vision India Foundation.


Despite negative headlines dominating the Indo-US diplomatic engagements in recent months, the underpinnings of the relationship remain rather robust. Prof Harsh V. Pant, Director of Strategic Studies at ORF and Paras Ratna, Research Associate, Vision India Foundation write on the ‘Stress in the Indo-US engagement‘? for Yale Global

Degree education will undergo a transformation. It is only a matter of time. Full-time programmes will fade out, giving way to continuous learning. Sahil Aggarwal, Co-founder of Vision India Foundation writes for DNA India on why degree education will be disrupted and what educators could do to create meaningful learning opportunities.

Featured Fellow of the Month

Naman Bansal is a graduated fellow of Vision India Foundation. Naman has worked in the field of school education reforms. In the first year of the fellowship, Naman traveled, researched and published articles, on Indian school education systems as part of the initial research period. At the end of the first year, he conceptualized and co-founded Vidyalaya Vistaar ( as an independent project with Vision India Foundation. Along with the rest of the team of 4 education fellows, Naman designed and initiated education interventions in the schools around Vrindavan and Mathura. He managed multiple stakeholders – local and external, raised funds, and continuously liaised with the government.

After his graduation from the fellowship, Naman joined Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan as Program Manager – digital night schools.

Featured Alumnus of the Month

Akshat Gandhi is a political consultant. His does formulation, implementation, and evaluation of micro/macro strategies for the Bharatiya Janata Party, and helps run their campaigns professionally and aids in selecting the perfect candidate for the elections. Presently he is working as the Election Political Analyst for BJP. Since 2017, he has worked in Gujarat, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh elections. In the General Elections of 2019, he managed the campaign in several constituencies, most notably the ones in Gandhinagar and Gurdaspur.

Location: Gujarat
VIF program attended: Policy Boot Camp 2017

At VIF we continue to maintain our focus on building the future leaders of our country – young change agents who are sincere and committed to nation-building. We will keep you posted about the happenings from our end. Thank you for the continued support.