Updates from April 2018

Change Agents Retreat

Every year Vision India Foundation invites selected alumni to a 3-day strategic retreat. The focus of the retreat is to brainstorm how each alumnus can contribute to the nation-building movement and chart their careers accordingly. This year the retreat took place in Wada taluka, Palghar district of Maharashtra. 60 VIF alums, fellows, and executive team members spent 3 days in discussions, meeting the tribals and drawing out personal life plans. Their experiences are shared herehere and here


Shyam Kumar, Research Associate, Vision India Foundation wrote on lessons from Sri Ramanuja’s life that shows us the way to achieving harmony between all the different sections of society.

India recently took another step in showcasing its potential for global leadership in the field of sustainable development by hosting the 16th International Energy Forum. Ravi Shankar who is an executive team member of VIF wrote on the significance of the event and the way ahead.

Weekly Policy Watch

The electronic and print media is inundated with news which primarily covers politics and not policy. One has to sift through the news to find the relevant policy updates. Keeping this in mind, VIF has started a weekly Policy Watch section on its website which features the latest policy updates. Policy Watch has completed 4 months in March. You can access all the editions here

Featured Fellow of the Month

Supriya Patil is a development fellow working in Palghar district of Maharashtra. She is working on developing women self-help-groups and training farmers. Palghar is a tribal district and the people migrate to Mumbai in the dry season to work as laborers. Supriya particularly focuses on identifying local entrepreneurship opportunities for the tribals and trains them to make a livelihood in the village itself.

Featured Alumnus of the Month

Saranya Dhingra is an alumnus of the Policy BootCamp 2016 edition. She completed her Masters in Good Governance and Public Policy and went on to work for Evidence for Policy Design at Harvard University. Currently, Saranya is the Program Manager at Art of Living Foundation, working on river rejuvenation. She is working on the revival of 33 rivers which cover 3000 villages in southern India.

Featured Mentor of the Month

Jayesh Ranjan, a 1992 batch IAS officer, is the IT, Electronics and Communication Secretary of the Government of Telangana. He is a mentor to VIF, and recently launched 3 programs to promote women entrepreneurs and women-led companies. One of them is the WE-Hub which is an incubator for startups led by women.

Featured Patron of the Month

Mr. Vallabh Bhansali is the Co-Founder of ENAM group, a well-known investment banking, and long-term investment firm. ENAM is a homegrown company and is known for its ethics. ENAM and Mr. Bhansali have inspired many others companies both within the trade and outside. Mr. Bhansali has a keen interest in spirituality and is a trustee and former chairman of the Global Vipassana Foundation.

Upcoming Program – World Governance Expedition

Ever wondered how do other nations deal with public policy and governance? How do politicians engage with the civil society, how do entrepreneurs bring innovation in governance, how are debates structured around the elections, what role does the government play in the daily life of a citizen? World Governance Expedition is the opportunity to find these answers. We take up to 30 delegates selected from around the world on a week-long immersion program. The delegates will meet politicians, government executives, civil society representatives, social entrepreneurs, scholars, election staff and much more to understand the governance processes.

We will be visiting Israel in October 2018, traveling across Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, meeting various policy stakeholders over 7 days. Apply Now

At VIF we continue to maintain our focus on building the future leaders of our country – young change agents who are sincere and committed to nation-building. We will keep you posted about the happenings from our end. Thank you for the continued support.