Updates from August,October-2016

World Governance Expedition

VIF organized the first international governance study tour -World Governance Expedition. 25 delegates spent 15 days studying model governance projects in the US.

Alumni Reunions

Nationwide VIF alumni reunions happened in September. Alumni reunions are an effort by VIF to enable change agents to derive mutual inspiration and share learnings on this path of nation building.

Media Publications

VIF fellows and research interns published several articles in online and print media. The topics varied from urban governance, law and justice, sports, foreign affairs, administrative reform etc.

Governance Journalism

Governance Journalism was a part-time field research opportunity offered by VIF. 40 interns documented  hidden stories of good governance in India by researching projects live on the ground

Campus Activities

VIF campus ambassadors conducted various talks and conclaves on public policy issues in their respective campuses. These include IIT Bombay, NLU Patiala, Jadavpur University, Miranda House, IIM Rohtak among others

Mentor Pannel

Mr Anil Swarup, Coal Secretary of India has joined the VIF mentor panel. His vast experience in ushering transparency and accountability in governance will be immensely useful in guiding the VIF change agents.

At VIF we continue to maintain our focus on building the future leaders of our country – young change agents who are sincere and committed to nation-building. We will keep you posted about the happenings from our end. Thank you for the continued support.