Anuva Agarwal

Anuva Agarwal

Manager | VIF

To stare at the window, to see the roads pass by
Amidst the constant and excited banter inside, to watch a different side of the country hitherto unexplored, we try.
When journeys became destinations and destinations become journeys,
Where the minds resonated each thought with a selflessness unknown.
Projects that were once mere facts on paper have now each become that open door we’d never thought, existed.
The insights into the VIF machinery, strung chords deep within,
To watch those eyes that burned with the passion, charisma and conviction of an idea that was meant to change.

I had a simple wish. It began as a passing thought and I didn’t know how it’d be fulfilled.
It was, to be amongst a culture that had no inhibitions and was outright ready to do something to change the world.
Moving beyond the confines of our comfort zones, realising my personal limits in respect of staying hungry, minimising sleep and yet not feeling the lethargy creep in, the sheer joy felt at that moment of a ‘connect’ with a fellow yatri;
Singing on the wayside of the highway when the bus petrol got over, dancing like the bus corridor was the dance floor, listening to poetry recited by fellow yatris, respecting idiosyncrasies, laughing till the throat went sore – this yatra has undoubtedly reinstilled a belief in the change that is possible, via visits and ‘jumping into’ a system that truly bothers.
I have a major weakness in me – I become indifferent to situations very easily even if they are important, say, a certain activist movement or an exam result or an exam, and I have always wondered why.
“Indifference is an outcome of apathy, which in turn is born out of disconnect”.
This revelation hit me almost as if the impact was physical, just yesterday! I suppose it was merely the last straw.
I don’t need say anymore about how this Yatra has helped rid us all of the supposed set of ‘disconnects’ we had in our minds.

I thought it would be impossible to find a bunch of people, in one place, one for whom the word ‘ego’ doesn’t exist.
Where humour is the only language and iridescent bonhomie, a trademark.
Well, I was proved wrong, for, these 8 days have given me nothing but this.
We came as individuals but depart as a team.
Fathom the complexity, embrace with integrity. Make your life your own finger print.


Anuva S. Agarwal was a yatri at Good Governance Yatra 2015. She studied masters in economics at Shiv Nadar University, Noida. The views expressed are those of the author and may not reflect the views of Vision India Foundation.