Article writing Workshop

Effective writing is a key skill in a changemaker’s toolkit. Articles, in particular, are a powerful medium to raise awareness for the causes you care for and amplify the impact of your work. Writing persuasive pieces translates your insights and vision into compelling content that informs decision makers and influences public opinion.  

i2I: Article Writing Workshop is a 15-hour module to hone your ability to communicate with clarity and precision. Through interactions with stalwarts and a practical, hands-on pedagogy, we explore key insights and techniques needed at every stage of writing – from brainstorming ideas to identifying target platforms.

Over the course of two intensive days, the workshop will cover:

  • Components of an article: Language, Components, Structure, Tone, and Audience.
  • Content ecosystem: Understanding portals, influence and audience profiles.
  • The three R’s of pre-writing: Reading, Research and Reflection
  • Article writing styles: Thematic, Argumentative, Balanced.
  • Critically analyze articles: Opinions, Biases, Arguments, Narratives.
  • Steps in article writing: Key arguments, Article outline, First draft, Proofreading, and Submission guidelines.
  • Hands-on Pedagogy: Write an article with a guided first-principles approach.
  • Publishing an article: Requesting feedback, Targeting platforms, Submission guidelines.

50 Seats

Selections on Rolling Basis


  • Selection Process

    The workshop has only 50 seats. The selection is based on an online application. The competitive process includes the following:

    • A short writing sample
    • Relevant background and intent

    Shortlisted applicants may be asked for a web/telephonic interview.

    Selections will be made on a rolling basis and early applicants will have an advantage.  

  • Program Cost

    ₹4000 for working professionals
    ₹3000 for students/researchers
    ₹2500 for published authors and VIF Alumni

    The program fee is inclusive of academic content, food, logistics, and taxes.

  • When & Where

    15th-16th December | New Delhi

  • Objectives

    – Understand the value of communicating ideas through articles

    – Familiarity with the process involved in translating ideas and thoughts into an article

    – Gain comfort with article writing through hands-on training

  • Outcomes

    – The participants will be able to identify the appropriate mode, domain and audience for writing articles to amplify impact.

    – Understand why articles are written and what makes a good article.

    – Follow a step-by-step process to envision, research, write, proofread and fact-check articles.

    – Identify appropriate mediums for publishing articles- blogs, print, digital media platforms etc.

  • Method of Instruction

    Talks – for a basic understanding

    Group Work – read and critically analyze the structure of articles

    Activity – writing an article through the various stages

    Pre-reads and assignments

Workshop Outline:

  • Why the written word matters/What should you ask yourself before writing.
  • What editors look for while selecting articles for their media portal(s).
  • Getting started: Brainstorming on key facts, arguments, research questions.
  • Brainstorming + Choosing article templates + Making paragraph outlines.
  • Making arguments with data: Data-driven article writing.
  • Towards a first draft: Proofreading and rewriting.
  • Critical analysis of media articles.
  • Mutual feedback and reworking. How to approach a platform.
  • The discipline of writing and the journey ahead.

Who Should Attend

Writing is the link between inspiration and impact. The program will be ideal for:

  • Aspiring writers who seek a hands-on understanding of how to translate ideas into articles.
  • Policy professionals engaged with Corporates, Consulting Firms, Government organizations, Political organizations, Civil society, Media, and Social development organizations who want to take their unique insights to the general public.
  • Change agents in the developmental sector who wish to raise awareness for causes and amplify the impact of their work through writing.
  • Young professionals and students exploring careers in media, corporate communications and public affairs in particular.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are eager to pick up the ability to articulate their vision to a larger audience.
  • Enthusiasts who are passionate about honing their ability to write pieces with clarity and precision.

Workshop Facilitators

Shyam KrishnaKumar

Shyam KrishnaKumar

Consultant, Vision India Foundation

Shyam Krishnakumar is a consultant with Vision India Foundation. His work focusses on Technology, Culture and Public Policy. Prior to this, he co-founded EduSeva Technologies, a social startup in the educational space. His work has been featured in BBC, The Huffington Post, The New Indian Express and DNA.

Kamal Madishetty

Kamal Madishetty

Research Analyst, The Economist

Kamal Madishetty is a Research Analyst at The Economist Group, and specialises in South Asian affairs. He has a Master’s degree in ‘Diplomacy, Law and Business’ from the Jindal School of International Affairs, Haryana, and a B.Tech from IIT Guwahati. His writings and views have appeared on The Diplomat, DailyO, CNBC, Daily Express and other such platforms.

Apula Singh

Apula Singh

Associate Manager, Janaagraha Center for Citizenship and Democracy

Apula Singh is an Associate Manager at the Janagraha Center for Citizenship and Democracy. She has a Masters in Urban Policy and Governance from TISS Mumbai and a Bachelors in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College. Her articles on urban governance and sustainability have featured in the Indian Express, Huffington Post and the Wire.


Dr. Vamsee Juluri

Dr. Vamsee Juluri

Professor (Media Studies), University of San Francisco

Dr. Vamsee Juluri is a professor of media studies at the University of San Francisco. He is the author of four books including Bollywood Nation: India Through Its Cinema, Rearming Hinduism and Writing Across A Cracked World. He blogs at the Huffington Post and is a regular contributor for the Indian Express.

KG Suresh

KG Suresh

Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

K G Suresh is the Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, India’s premier media training institute. He is a senior journalist and political commentator with 3 decades of rich media experience. His articles have featured in The Times, London, The Hindu, Times of India etc.

Samarth Bansal

Samarth Bansal

Assistant Editor, Hindustan Times

Samarth Bansal is Assistant Editor and Data Journalist with the Hindustan Times. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and has been an Alfred Friendly Fellow at the Wall Street Journal. Samarth writes data-driven pieces on Politics, Public Policy, and Technology.

Jyotindra Dubey

Jyotindra Dubey

Data Journalist at CNBC TV 18

Jyotindra Dubey is a Data Journalist at CNBC TV 18. He is an alumnus of Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad. Jyotindra writes actively on Policy, Finance, and Markets.