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‘i, the citizen’ by Dr R Balasubramanium is the personal journey of Dr Balu in the development sector told in the form of anecdotes from his life. The book deals with topics which cover development, governance, democracy, citizen engagement and fight against corruption. Each chapter is written in the form of an anecdote and prods the reader to ask fundamental questions. The book is written in an easy to read style and does not need any prior academic understanding of the topics. This helps the book reach a wider audience.

As the book progresses we learn more about the life of Dr Balu, the lessons he learned through his development work with the tribals of South India and his citizen engagement efforts. The book takes you from the jungles of Heggadadevenkote to the busy streets of Bengaluru, and enriches you with deep insights by the time you finish it.

Compared to many others books from authors in this sector, ‘i, the citizen’ stands out. It is non-prescriptive. It aims to question the reader about his/her fundamental beliefs about government, communities and citizenship. As the book progresses, the reader evolves his understanding of this space.  It is a fundamental read for aspiring young people who want to get engaged in the space of development and public policy. It erases your pre-conceived notions and prods you to rethink them. It makes a strong case for the power of citizen engagement.

Vision India Foundation is proud to have co-published this book with GRAAM. We hope this book reaches the hands of many young minds in the country who want to be part of the modern nation-building movement.