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Good Governance Yatra is an immersive travel program and provides an experiential learning platform for aspiring change makers. It helps give first-hand exposure to good governance models, an opportunity to interact with the visionaries behind the project and learn about the intricacies of policy in action, among a host of other things.

Highlights of the program:

  • 9-day expedition to explore good governance models across multiple states of India
  • Experience the model governance projects across various domains
  • Travel with a diverse cohort and experience a fulfilling journey across India
  • Interact with last-mile governance leaders and role-models in public policy
  • Network with the best-performing policy-makers and leading policy thinkers
  • Co-learn with future-leaders passionate about nation-building

  • When

    December 15th – 23rd, 2019

  • Where

    Delhi – Haryana – Rajasthan – Gujarat

  • Projects

    We are in process of finalizing the projects, find the tentative list here. Projects from the previous editions over here.

  • Role Models

    We are in the process of finalizing role-models for the upcoming edition. The role-models, we have met in our last editions can be seen here.

  • Yatris

    A glimpse of the Yatris from previous editions are listed here.

Testimonials: GGY Alumni

Role Models

Jitendra Singh

The youth must take up the dual-responsibility of active-citizenry and leadership to bring a transformation of Bharat. I am glad to see such dynamic group of youth taking this kind of yatra.

Jitendra SinghMinister of State for PMO (during GGY ’15)
Raman Singh

The role of government is not just to answer citizen’s demands, but to be proactive in delivering services. Young leaders like you should play a role to expedite governance delivery on the ground.

Raman SinghChief Minister, Chhattisgarh State (during GGY ’16)
Anna Hazare

It’s heart-warming to see such an active passionate group of youth to take a keen interest in nation building activities. I am sure if all of you devote your lives to it, our dream Bharat would be built.

Anna HazareSocial Reformer (during GGY ’16)
Arun Maira

Traveling to the grassroots and seeing the projects live is an excellent idea. Great to see this manifested and young people being motivated enough to participate in such live learning exercises.

Arun MairaFormer Member, Planning Commission of India (during GGY ’16)

Past Delegates

Vanshica Kant

Good Governance Yatra (GGY) is a spatial, temporal, spectral and, most importantly, human journey. Travelling 2500km across the southern states in nine days, we engaged with India’s social, cultural and administrative fabric while forging bonds with individuals from different geographies and demographies. We got a three-sixty-degree view of opportunities and adversities in the executive, judiciary and legislature.”

Vanshica KantYoung Professional, United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office (UN RCO)
Ashvini Shelke

“सुशासन यात्रा (गुड गवर्नेंस यात्रा) यह एक अविस्मरणीय यात्रा हुई हैं| इन ९ दिन में हमने बहुत कुछ सीखा है, जितनी उम्मीद की थी उससे बहुत ज्यादा| इस यात्रा के दौरान हमने जो अनुभव किये है वह सब बहुत ही फायदेमंद हैं| हमें पहले से ही सुशासन में रूचि थी पर इस यात्रा में भाग लेने के बाद हमारी सुशासन की संकल्पना और भी स्पष्ट हुई| अलग – अलग राज्यों के सुशासन हेतु चल रहे अच्छे प्रकल्प की जानकारी मिली है, ऐसे अवसर बहुत कम मिलते है|”

Ashvini ShelkeSomaiya Vidhyavihar
Vignesh Venkatachalam

“GGY’18 promised to be an immersive travel program showcasing model governance projects across 4 states of southern India, but the 9-day experience was so much more than just that. The GGY’18 experience was intensive, meditative and ultimately transformative. A lot of thought and care has gone into the structure of the program.”

Vignesh VenkatachalamApprentice Leader, MU Sigma
Mayank Jain

The closed yatri group facilitated long and enriched discussions. The kind of welcome we received at the government’s end was overwhelming. It was great to see professionalism in governance and the political will to get things done.

Mayank JainFounder, MicroX Foundation
Shashank Rai

This yatra has made me see the flip side of the coin that was often kept in dark by the media. The amount of work that is being done by the government often doesn’t get its due credit. I can proudly say that this yatra has transformed me from being a pessimist to an optimist.

Shashank RaiIIT Guwahati; Software Engineer, Microsoft
Shreemathi Tumkur

Both my experiences with VIF have filled me with optimism and passion for building a better society. As an aspiring policymaker, I had a wonderful experience because of the direct access we received to experience the backstage of governance. I met some amazing mentor, friends and colleagues in my journey towards bringing a social change.

Shreemathi TumkurPolicy Bootcamp’15 Alumnus; Masters in Public Policy, Columbia University
Raashid Navlakhi

GGY brought together passionate individuals who want to transform India. It gave us an insight into the current situation & how small interventions are enough to make massive differences. It has made me confident that if pursued with excellence & worked for, then nation is bound to transform & we will be the Change Agents

Raashid NavlakhiUniversity of Bath
Aakanksha Sangwan

I came for the good governance yatra, with the desire to satiate my curiosity while I travel and explore. This yatra has done justice to both. The things learnt during the yatra in a diverse group like this could never be learnt in a classroom setting.

Aakanksha SangwanIIT Kharagpur

Projects from Previous Editions

The synopsis of the previous editions of Good Governance Yatra can be found here – 2016 – I and 2016 – II.