How do government officials work? How do policies transform the on ground development? What are the model governance projects in India? What are the behind-the-scenes challenges in governance?

Governance Journalism is the opportunity to discover these answers.

This is a 2 month part-time field research opportunity to investigate and document hidden stories of good governance in your respective state/locality. It is an opportunity for promising young minds to engage with policies and their implementation at the ground level.

Applications for the same are made on a rolling basis. Feel free to shoot us an email incase you have some interesting governance stories that you’d want to research upon, or want to explore the space and work a a project that you haven’t thought of, as yet. We’ll help you there!

Highlights of the program:

  • Grassroots Experience: Opportunity to experience good governance models at the grassroots level.
  • Interaction: Interaction with leaders from different domains like parliamentarians, ministers, bureaucrats, sarpanches and other policy makers related to model governance projects.
  • Mentorship: Continuous mentorship and personal guidance from the VIF team.
  • Change Agents Network: Opportunity to be a part of the Change Agents Network (CAN) platform, and engage with change agents across the world. CAN is a private network of young leaders.
  • Publish your work: Best articles/case-studies will be published across multiple online/offline portals.

Key Deliverables

  • Time

    Around 12-16 hours per week of online/on-field work. Once-in-week visit to VIF office.

  • Travel

    3-4 weekends of travel to the project location for primary research

  • Documentation

    • Report: Article/Case-study including photographs
    • Documentary: 4-8 mins video documentary

More Details

  • Selection Process

    Applications for next batch are not open yet. This section would be updated once we launch the next edition. The 2016 batch of journalists can be seen here.

  • Model Governance Projects

    Governance projects that have been covered by the 2016 cohort can be seen here.

Applications for the 2016 cohort is closed now. Details about the next edition would be updated soon.