Governance Journalism is 2-month part-time field research opportunity to investigate and document hidden stories of good governance in your respective states/locality.

The project would be accomplished by a team of 1/2, who would be preferably from the same university/corporate.

Who should apply for this:

  • Young development workers who wish to engage with local good governance projects
  • University students who wish to take up full-fledged careers in public policy and governance
  • Working Professionals looking forward to enter the policy and governance space
  • Researchers who wish to analyze and research on models of good governance
  • Scholars interested in pursuing higher studies (Masters/PhD) in a policy area

What do we assess in an applicant:

  • Ability to analyze a project from multiple frameworks.
  • Communication skills to interact with multiple stakeholders of the project
  • Past experiences which demonstrate interest in public affairs
  • Relevance of this role in your personal and professional growth

Selection Process:

  • Step 1 – Online Application
  • Step 2 – Skype/Telephonic Interview


  • You should have completed at least one year of university education to be eligible for this program
  • You should also be able to speak, read and write in English/Hindi and one local language comfortably