Who should apply for the program?

Have a look at the detailed selection process here

What would be the deliverables from a governance journalist?

  • Analysis of the model presented by the governance project
  • Case-study/Article from the project
  • Short Documentary about the project

What would be expected commitment from the governance journalists?

Around 12-16 hours a week would be required in the project. This time will be divided into:

  • On-Field: interviews, personal interactions, focus group discussions
  • Off-field: case analysis, online research, documentation, documentary making
  • Both ways: keep thinking 😉

I am working in a corporate, can i become a governance journalist?

Yes. See the above question for time commitments.

Is there a fee for the program?

No. This is a part-time research opportunity and does not have any participation fee.

How will I be supported by VIF?

VIF would be providing you consistent mentorship throughout the project. Also, travel reimbursements will be provided towards your travel expenditure.

What kind of projects will be covered in this project?

Projects demonstrating transparency, accountability and replicability with measurable impact on the lives of people will be selected. Some projects we have covered as model governance projects can be seen here.

Will I get to study only one good governance project?

Each Governance journalist would be assigned one project only. Since it is a part time internship that would be completed in two months, we would want the intern to focus on studying and writing in detail about one model only.