An initiative by Vision India Foundation, Rashtram School of Public Leadership’s Accelerator Programme is the evolution of VIF Fellowship and is aimed at consistently generating competent leadership for India. 50 Learners will be admitted to the pilot batch. Scholarships are available for the same.

The Accelerator is a residential one-year public leadership programme to equip future leaders of India with skills to produce authentic action. Rooted in the ethos of Bharat, the programme is firmly focused on nurturing leaders to solve the most pressing global problems.

Rashtram aims to produce leaders in three domains – Academic Leaders, who can research on various policies and governance practices, and produce original thoughts and solutions to national problems; Social Leaders, who can pilot these solutions on the ground in communities; and finally Political Leaders, who can scale-up these solutions and implement them on a national level. Coherence between these three dimensions of public leadership is fundamental to India’s progress in the upcoming epoch, as well as in elevating global consciousness. 

Components of The Accelerator

  • 1-Year Residential Programme
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Leadership
  • Campus Housed at 25-acre Rishihood University Campus
  • 3 Tracks of Leadership: Academic, Social, & Political
  • Meta-Skill Based Curriculum
  • Grounded in Indic Knowledge
  • Continued Mentorship to Fulfil Aspirations
  • Research & Fieldwork
  • Focussed on Mental & Physical Well-Being Via Practices Such as Yoga and Mindfulness

What You Will Experience

Instructed Learning: Curated courses with case studies, lectures, discussion models.

Reflection: Meditation, introspection, and guided reflections to synthesise knowledge.

Connection With Society: Field components and regular societal engagements, integrated in the Curriculum.

Gurukul Guidance: Insights on life and mission on a regular basis from mentors.

Quantum Learning Networks: Developing rapport with fellow Learners to develop a quantum network of future public leaders.


Indic Knowledge Systems provide us with frameworks that will help future public leaders learn for life. These frameworks are authentic to India, and when calibrated in modern context, help us tackle the macro problems of our future. Our ambition is that our participants engage with and help solve the most pressing global problems of today.

Indic Knowledge Systems combined with Yogic Rituals focus on increasing mental and physical well-being of our future public leaders. These rituals also bring about a sense of harmony and community amongst our learners, that proves useful in boosting coherence between the three domains.

This programme aims to provide learners with a sense of awe and kindle their interest in Indic knowledge systems. The learners will be able to trace the history, evolution and structure of Indian thought, describe the theories of epistemology and compare them with the prevalent western discourse. This course is significant as it helps the learners to draw from the rich well of wisdom from Indic traditions, to unveil the solutions for the challenges the world faces today.


Learning is a life-long process, it is emergent. The one-year Accelerator Programme at Rashtram aims to initiate the Learner deeply into this process by creating the necessary humility, grace, and intellect. This is achieved through a curriculum focused on instilling a set of ‘meta skills’ that equip our learners with mental models to remain relevant in a rapidly changing context.

In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world of today where the boundaries of physical, digital, and biological are collapsing into each other, a truly trans-disciplinary outlook that taps into first principles of key disciplines is needed to help address the pervasive crisis of meaning-making. These mental models are carefully curated into two parts: Common-Core & Track Specific.

Each meta-skills is taught as a course, supported with rich material ranging from epics and kavyas to cutting edge contemporary case studies and research papers from across the world. This core set lays the foundation for the track-specific meta skills which add a substantial layer of specialisation.

  • When

    Applications are open! Admissions on rolling basis. First phase deadline is January 26th. Programme begins in July 2020.

  • Where

    Learners will reside on our campus in Sonipat and travel for their projects whenever required. 

Career Paths

Politics: Campaign Management, Electoral Politics, Political Consulting

Corporate Sector: CSR, Executives, Public Policy Consulting

Social Sector: Non-Profit Organisations, Community Leadership, Social Movement Leadership

Governance: Diplomacy, Bureaucracy, Policy Consulting

Academia: Education, Think Tanks, Research Groups