Full-time Opportunities

Manager, Communications

Occupational Summary

Design and execute powerful communication for the organization and its affiliate programs, including digital marketing, social media, PR and other platforms. Create and manage collaborations and partnerships for different programs and activities of the organization.

Work Performed:

  • Strategize and Execute outreach activities, both online and offline, to reach the best audience set catering to various policy training programs by VIF.
  • Engage and build new relationships with colleges/ institutions/ promotional platforms and the media to promote the programs and reach out to the maximum number of potential sets of audience.
  • Secure and lead interaction sessions/workshops with prospective students at colleges and other institutions.
  • Execute new brand building and outreach ideas that will drive the quality and number of applications.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Prior experience in public policy or working at a leading academic institution will be preferred
  • One to two years of experience in marketing of programs for policy/academic institution will be an added advantage

Candidate Traits:

  • Strong presentation and communication skills: written and oral, in sync with brand identity.
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to use social media channels effectively to deliver marketing content.
  • A wide degree of creativity and strong knowledge in understanding current trends in digital media/social media.
  • Self-motivated personal with a positive and professional approach to the management of projects.

Salary Range: ₹3-4.2 Lakhs per Annum (depending on experience and skills)

Manager, Executive Education

Occupational Summary:

Execute the educational and training programs by VIF. Conduct research on educational needs, develop program content and promote and market a series of executive education programs for various stakeholders (junior, mid-and senior-level executives in government, NGOs, corporates, political parties). Manage the logistics, operations, and stakeholder relations for various short-term educational programs.

Work to be performed:

  • Manage the logistics and operations of the educational and training programs by Vision India Foundation.
  • Develop custom-designed programs for young professionals, junior, mid-and senior-level executives in government, NGOs, corporates, political parties to meet their specific needs and/or develop and pilot new executive programs.

  • Work closely with VIF affiliated faculty to interpret the needs of the sector and develop curriculum design and support materials at the highest standard of executive education.

  • Visit offices of major sponsors of executive education; participate in meetings to develop alliances and to promote VIF executive education offerings.

  • Evaluate and improve, as necessary, existing programs; conduct market analysis to confirm the changing needs of the potential target audience for future educational programs.

Required Qualifications:

Education:  Work requires management, communications, analytical, research and organizational skills. Bachelor’s degree is required.


  • Ability to plan and administer programs and lead program activities within a specific functional area, generally acquired through two years of related experience.
  • Program/project management experience and budget management experience is required.

Salary Range: ₹3.6-5 Lakhs per annum (depending on experience and skills)

Associate Manager (Accounts and Administration)

Works to be performed:

  • Managing all accounting operations based on accounting principles
  • Publish financial statements in time
  • Conduct month-end and year-end close process
  • Comply with Government tax filing and audit requirements by studying regulations; adhering to requirements; advising trustees on required actions.
  • Respond to financial inquiries by gathering, analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting data.
  • Assist the admissions team at VIF in tracking payment of admissions fee and handling queries regarding the same.
  • Ensure the implementation of the HR policy by tracking attendance, managing payroll operations, and maintaining payroll information for tax compliance.
  • Write and update legal, HR and payroll policies.
  • Supervise the office management and upkeep

Qualification Required:

  • Accounting knowledge including accounting principles, rules of book keeping, filing of receipts etc.
  • Beginner/Intermediate skill in Tally ERP 9
  • Advanced skill in MS – Office tools like MS Excel, MS Word etc.
  • Good understanding of GST, TDS and IT returns procedures.

Salary Range: ₹1.8-2.4 Lakhs per annum (based on skill match and experience)