About VIF Alumni

Since 2014, we have so far touched 10,000+ young minds with a wide variety of policy education programs across the world. However, a selected few amongst these programs are considered to be full-fledged learning courses (full-time programs).

The participants who graduate from these full-time programs become VIF alumni. From the first program in May 2015 until May 2019, we have so far reached 1000+ alumni, from 150+ districts of India.

Alumni Strength

Educational Background

Graduation Year

our alumni are engineers entrepreneurs lawyers architects doctors army personnels researchers politicians civil servants academicians journalists leaders

VIF Alumni Impact

Given the limitation in identifying the intangible impact on people, we have attempted to define our success as the success of young change makers. We have kept our focus on providing/arranging possible assistance in their respective life journeys.

We have collated the impact journey of VIF in the following three sections:

Alumni Change Agents

While nation-building is a broad and holistic term, we have tried to measure Alumni Impact in 14 different ways and conducted a survey among alumni to find out the clustering.

VIF in Alumni Journeys

When asked about VIF Impact, we got a good number of responses which we clustered into five segments. These also serve as a reminder of the mission of nation building for VIF.

Engagement with Alumni

While maintaining a natural and organic connect with alumni forms the core of a mentoring relationship, it’s often important to give structure to ensure mentoring happens within the alumni.

VIF Alumni Committee

VIF Alumni Committee is formed from the alumni network though a selection process undertaken by VIF Executive team.

The objectives of the committee are to strengthen bonds within the peers as well as to facilitate mentoring and continued education of our Alumni.

Shivam Patel

Shivam Patel


Former Consultant to Hon’ble Minister of Railway, Commerce and Industry | Founder and CEO, Makson Aviation

Alumni of: Public Policy Program for Executives 2019

Sakshi Abrol

Sakshi Abrol

Central Vice President

Policy Consultant and Research Analyst

Alumni of: Policy BootCamp 2017

Viraj Gada

Viraj Gada

Zonal Vice President

India Regional Representative, GOGLA and Business Head, bioQ Eco Solutions

Alumni of: Public Policy Program for Executives 2019

Featured Alumni

Vision India Foundation is a non-profit initiative by faculty and alumni of various IITs. We are a platform for the brightest youth of the country to participate in the modern nation-building movement. We invest in human capital to bring about systemic transformation through public policy and governance.

Every year, we nominate and feature 21 alumni from our vast alumni network. Here are our profiled alumni of years 2017, 2018 and 2019.