Vision India Foundation has partnered with various subject experts to deliver a comprehensive curriculum for the Policy BootCamp.

The program maneuvers through the following 5 tracks:

  • Concept Building (Lectures, Panel Discussions, Presentations and FGDs)
  • Practical Modeling (Workshops, Case Studies, Solution Design Jams and Implementation Plans)
  • Experiential Learning (Group Exercises and Community Interaction)
  • Screenings (Documentaries and Interactive Follow-ups)
  • Career Charting (Ideation Sessions, Stakeholder Networking and Opportunities in the Space)

High-level view of the Curriculum:


These are mandatory for all the delegates to attend.

  • Introduction to Public Policy and Policy Making
  • Parliamentary Functioning
  • Constitutional Overview
  • Economic Planning and Development
  • Sustainability
  • Agriculture
  • Rural Governance
  • Media
  • Urban Governance
  • Institutions in Democracy
  • Industrial Development
  • Climate Change
  • Inspired Leadership
  • Workshops on RTI, PIL, Writing, Public Policy and Design Thinking

Electives, with a duration of 5 days for each topic and delegates choose from a pool of following

  • Economics in Public Policy
  • Constitution and law
  • Foreign Policy
  • Technology  & Governance
  • Case Studies In Good Governance
  • Critical Thinking
  • Education Models
  • Indic Lenses for Modern life
  • Indian Civilisation
  • Urban Development
  • Environment and Development
  • Rural Development

Panel Discussions and One to One conversations with domain specialist, subject authorities and grassroots activist

  • Agriculture
  • Political Consulting
  • Multilateral Organisations
  • Internal Security
  • Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Interactions with Union Ministers and Key Public figures