Vision India Foundation is animated by the concept of India i.e. Bharat as a civilizational continuum. Bharat is one of the few living civilizations on this planet which have continued unbroken for several millennia. The modern Indian State created in 1947 is a significant recent political construct in the history of this land, which was under foreign rule for centuries. We may haveSwa-raj (i.e. self-rule) today, but we don’t have Swa-tantra (indigenous systems and institutions) yet to govern this country. Most of today’s systems and institutions (e.g. political, judicial, administrative etc.) are a legacy of foreign rule, which are ill-suited to govern this country. Consequently, they have failed to deliver their intended outcomes even after 7 decades of Swa-raj. Our systems and institutions need to be rooted in our civilizational ethos, i.e. we need Swa-tantra, to make Bharat a global power yet again. This goal is the animating force or prana of Vision India Foundation. The research and execution activities of  VIF are focussed on achieving this goal. The guiding principles of the organization are elaborated below.

Guiding Principles of VIF

Principle #1: Integrality of Development

  • We believe that development of an individual is multilayered, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. We refer to this as integral development and believe that society should facilitate and nurture this.
  • Respecting indigenous traditions while taking up policy and development initiatives in the society is crucial for such integral development. Development should be relevant and contextual to the community at large and their lifestyles.

Principle #2: Diversity

  • Integral development encourages diversity. VIF accepts, respects and celebrates diversity.
  • Seeing Unity in Diversity is the tradition of India. Uniformity is not a prerequisite for Unity.
  • Diversity means accepting individuals and communities as they are and respecting them without being prejudiced.

Principle #3: Harmony

  • Integral development facilitates harmony
  • We believe that all efforts for development should strive for harmony within an individual, between individuals, communities and also the harmony of individuals with nature and the rest of the existence.
  • We envision an equitable society where people with various abilities and aptitudes find opportunities to realize their full potential.
  • We believe that while addressing situations of conflicts, issues should be addressed without creating hatred and permanent divisions in the community.

Principle #4: Nation

  • We believe that our nation India, i.e., Bharat, is an ecosystem of individuals and institutions that reflects and facilitates integral development.
  • We believe that we are an ancient nation and looking up to the country as a civilization is a strong unifying force. Our nation and its nationhood must be understood in its indigenous way which differs fundamentally from modern nations of Europe. We are not a ‘sub-continent’ that was brought together under one rule by the British to create a nation.
  • Our national identity is not in conflict with a universal identity and a humanitarian outlook.
  • The integrity of our nation is an uncompromising principle.

Throughout the VIF discourse, “Indic” refers to the capturing of all the principles indicated above.