Abhyudaya Conclave

Abhyudaya Conclave, supported by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), Ministry of Culture, is a five-day immersive know-and-act program designed for young minds who wish to build and deepen their understanding of the Indian civilization and evolve actionable insights for contemporary challenges. Delegates will be provided with a multi-disciplinary approach to the Indic worldview in a contemporary format. The conclave will have sessions and discussions ranging from the Vedic tradition and indigenous knowledge systems to the current socio-econo-political needs of the society. This will provide conceptual frameworks and much-needed intellectual clarity to effectively navigate the global challenges from a rooted Indian perspective.

Apart from interactive lectures, debates and discussions, participants will also get to experience India as a lived tradition. The synthesis of both the intellectual and the aesthetic dimensions will give delegates a holistic experience of the Indic worldview. The conclave will help the young seekers connect the ancient to their modern lives and then take it beyond the personal to creating societal impact. The objective of Abhyudaya Conclave is to give wings to a whole new generation of  young leaders who can exercise leadership in their chosen fields. 

Abhyudaya Conclave is a unique program where you will:

  • Learn the nuances of the Indian worldview
  • Experience the depth of classical tradition
  • Connect with young Indic leaders
  • DATE

    March 13 to March 17, 2019

  • Selection Process

    The conclave has only 70 seats. The selection is based on an online application which includes background data, a relevant question and another question for considering grant of scholarship.

    Shortlisted candidates may be asked for a web/telephonic interview.

    Selections will be made on a rolling basis and early applicants will have an advantage.


    Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi

  • Program Cost

    The program cost is ₹ 7500. The fee includes the cost of course content, food for the entire duration of the program and 18% GST tax.

    Scholarships covering upto 66% of the fee will be offered on a merit-cum-means basis.

    All delegates selected for the conclave will get a travel reimbursement equivalent to second class AC train travel from home city to Delhi, subject to the submission of required documents.

Application deadline: February 10, 2019

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring Public Intellectuals & Thought Makers
  • Practising and Aspiring Research Scholars and PhD Students in Indic Studies
  • Students who are curious about Indic Knowledge Systems
  • Working professionals who want to understand Indian Philosophy and Dharma
  • Media persons who want to leverage the binary optics of civilization and Indic knowledge
  • Social Workers and Public Leaders who want to understand the dynamics of the Indian society from a Civilizational perspective

Program Structure 

The conclave is designed to be a highly dynamic experience but will broadly focus on the following themes over the five day schedule:

  • Espousing a coherent worldview through the lens of Vedic tradition
  • Examining narratives by mapping this worldview to contemporary social debates
  • Understanding the depth and relevance of Indic knowledge systems.
  • Cultivating qualities of leadership with rootedness
  • Engaging with classical arts in a practical way

Along with the lectures, there will be reflection sessions, which will help participants gain a coherent meaning out of the day’s content. Exercises in narratives and purva-paksha (creative debates) will help the delegates come into their own as orators and leaders.

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