World Governance Expedition

Ever wondered how nations deal with public policy and governance?How politicians engage with the civil society, & the role government plays in the life of a citizen? How do entrepreneurs bring innovation in governance?How are debates structured around the elections?

World Governance Expedition is the opportunity to find these answers.

30 selected delegates from India will travel across Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, in Israel, meeting various policy stakeholders over 7 days.

Coming in October 2018, World Governance Expedition gives a unique opportunity to meet politicians, government executives, civil society representatives, social entrepreneurs, scholars, and much more to understand the governance processes.

  • When and Where

    13th – 19th October 2018,

  • Community Members

    The World Governance Expedition since its first edition has grown into an actively connected community of change makers. Click here to view previous year’s cohort to the United Kingdom

  • Selection Process

    Selections on rolling basis. Early applications have higher chance of selection. See the selection process and registration details here.

Mail at incase of any queries.
Pictures from the US (2016) and UK (2017) edition can be seen here: