The delegates at P3E would engage with a top-bureaucrat in a design-build project to learn the intricacies of governance. Tentative list of projects can be seen below:

Digitization in Banking

Develop Metrics and analyze the impact of Digitization of services on banking services in rural India.

Entrepreneurship in Backward States

Explore possibilities for developing entrepreneurship culture in a specific backward state through government support.

Best Practices: Child Labor Tracking

Explore international best practices in online tracking child labor cases, and rehabilitating the children with government support

Efficiency in Goods Transportation

Explore possibilities of increasing time discipline of goods wagons in Indian Railways with technological intervention.

Smoothing Grievance Redressal System

Explore options to smoothen the client interface, and complaint processing in government grievance redressal system.

GPS tracking for PDS

Evaluate the possibility of GPS Tracking of transportation vehicles to increase efficiency of PDS

Evaluate Solar potential of a Geography

Explore the solar potential of a electricity deficient state, and relevant partnerships to be make the state self-sufficient in power.

Best Practices: Urban Road Transportation

Analyze relevant international transportation systems for best practices in maintenance for longitivity of bus life.

Tourism Potential in Coastal Belt

Explore international best practices in development for coastal cities, both for tourism and industries, relevant to a particular state of India.

Tracking Growth of Entrepreneurship

Develop Metrics to track growth of start-ups in a major city of India.

Case Study: Raising CSR funds

Build Case Studies of raising local CSR funds for overhaul of infrastructure for Government Schools.

Rural Infrastructure Development Plan

Design a infrastructure development plan for a primarily rural district using un-tied funds of central government.

Banking services in naxal-prone areas

Identify areas for decentralized intervention of banking services in a naxalite belt.

Reducing chemicals in vegetable farming

Design a call to shift to reduce usage of chemicals in vegetable farming, with decentralized production of organic manures.

Design pipeline for health insurance scheme

Build a complaint redressal pipeline for a new government scheme aimed a providing health insurance services.

Boosting electric vehicles production

Design a campaign to call for setting up MSME industries in battery production for electronic vehicles.

SWOT Analysis: Poverty Alleviation Programs

Do a SWOT analysis of various ongoing poverty alleviation programs in India

Tourism Potential: Home Stays

Evaluate the tourism potential of home-stays for international tourists to a religious city in India