I’m a college student, Can i apply for this program ?

Yes, You can apply if you’re pursuing masters or doctorate course from any reputed university. For more details please refer here

I’m a working professional, will i be eligible for this program?

Yes, This program is specially design for executives engaged with Corporates, Consulting Firms, Government Organizations, Political Organizations, Civil Society, Media, and Social Development Organizations, who wish to undergo a rigorous academic program in the public policy domain. For more details please refer here

I’m a social worker and want to pursue this program, will i be eligible for this program ?

Yes, This program engages with top policymakers and here is the chance to work with them to implement schemes for social welfare. For more details please refer here

What does executive mean here ?

Professionals engaged with Corporate, Consulting Firms, Government Organizations, Political Organizations, Civil Society, Media, and Social Development Organizations 

How much time do i need to commit daily ?

This is a weekend program. All sessions will be happening on morning 8:30 -10:30 AM on weekend and for other day, it could be decide on our mutual discussion so that it won’t hamper your timings.

Does this program have a cost ?

Yes, The Program cost is INR 42,000 (excluding taxes) and payable only after you’re selected. Please refer Program Cost

Is there any scholarship available for this program?

Yes, Scholarships are available depending upon your performance on  selection process. Please refer Selection Process

What type of projects would be there ?

The governance projects will cover various domains of public policy like urban/rural development, energy, tourism, waste management, education, and health. In addition to live project visits, we will also be interacting with the governance in-charge of the project, and know in-depth about the project. Please refer list of Projects

How will i get project ?

You’ll get project according to your interest area or our bureaucrats will select you to work on a some challenging project.

is this course completely online ?

No, There will be 9 offline session during this program and will be conducted in New Delhi. For more detail please refer Program Structure

How will i manage my accommodation during offline activities ?

You’ve to manage accommodation by your own. VIF team can help you to find a good accommodation, in case if you need any !

How will i get support if i got stuck in my project?

VIF team will be available to solve your all query all the time and your allotted mentor will also be there to help you in your project

Will i get certificate o LOR after completing this program?

Yes, you’ll get a certificate after completing this program successfully and your mentor & top policymakers might give you recommendation after seeing your hard-work

What can i expect after this program ?

  • In-depth understanding of the governance process in India: government systems, stakeholders, challenges, and possible places for intervention.
  • Get your ideas to reach millions with the help of hands-on live project with policymakers.
  • Receive recommendations (LOR) from Top Governance Leaders.
  • Skill and Profile advancement with a curated program in Public Policy and Governance.
  • Explore career opportunities with relevant corporates, governments, consulting firms, political organizations, civil society, and social development organizations.
  • Sustained interactions with senior policymakers, faculty and the power of an illustrious peer network.

What is cancellation policy ?

In case you are not able to join the P3E program due to any avoidable/unavoidable reason/s we must be notified of the same in writing. The organization shall refund all the costs except the utility charges as per below-mentioned guidelines
(a)   50% refund: If you cancel by 25th Nov 2018 (11:59 pm)
(b)   25% refund: If you cancel by 10th Dec 2018  (11:59 pm)
(c)    No refund: If you cancel after 25th Dec 2018  (11:59 pm)
Also, as per our deferral policy, an applicant canceling the program before 6th January 2019 (11:59 pm) has the option to defer the candidature for subsequent P3E with the condition that the difference in fees for both years is to be settled by the candidate in the year of participation.