What is a VIF Fellowship?

VIF fellowship is a 3-year full-time program in nation-building. The program focuses on creating future public leaders and thought leaders for the country. It includes support in the form of mentorship and scholarship.

How to apply for VIF Fellowships?

Candidates should apply through our online application.

What is the eligibility for the fellowship?

We accept people from all educational backgrounds. Most selected fellows will have a work experience of two or more years, or a relevant Masters/PhD degree. In rare and exceptional cases, we do shortlist applicants who do not meet these requirements.

I am a student. Can I apply?

Final year students can apply if they are set to complete the degree by May. However, most of our fellows have work experience, or a relevant masters/PhD degree, or both.

Will the fellows be paid anything?

Yes. We take care of the costs so that you can focus on making an impact. The program provides an average stipend of ₹40,000 per month. It starts at ₹35,000 in the first year and increases by ₹5,000 every year.

When does the fellowship start?

Fellows will report to initial training (at Policy BootCamp) on 1st June, followed by project work from 1st July.

When does a person become a ‘fellow’?

The certificate of ‘fellow’ is awarded after successful completion of three years unless mentioned otherwise in a project. Till then, the candidates are enrolled in the fellowship program as ‘associates’.

Who is an associate at VIF?

A research associate or a development associate is a person working in the three-year VIF Fellowship. The associates are awarded the title of a ‘VIF Fellow’ after successfully completing three-years of the program.

I am not from India. Can I apply?

Foreign citizens can apply. If the project involves direct work with the government, the selection is contingent on diplomatic relations and security procedures.

What is the duration of a fellowship?

Selected candidates will be engaged full-time for 3 years, including training.

Will fellows work on same project for three years?

As one project finishes, fellows will be engaged on the next project. The progression will be designed keeping in mind fellow’s skills and career interests. The domain of the work will remain the same, for example, foreign affairs, education, urban governance etc.

What if I have to leave the fellowship in between?

The program is exciting enough that you won’t think about it. However, if situations do not allow you to continue, you will be awarded an ‘associate’ certificate. This is at the discretion of VIF’s mentor panel. Same applies if the panel finds your performance consistently poorer than expected.

Some projects say that fellows will do a PhD. What is that?

Fellows with an inclination towards research and academics are encouraged to pursue higher studies. For this, fellows will leave the VIF project before or at the end of three years, and move to a Master’s/ PhD degree. VIF supports the candidates during the admission process.
The title of ‘fellow’ will be awarded only after you enroll in a relevant PhD programme, or complete three years of fellowship, whichever is later.

May I apply for more than one project/fellowships?

The application form allows you to choose up to 2 projects in the order of your preference. Only one such application is allowed.

Who will be my mentor for the project/fellowship?

Mentors are field experts who will guide you during the project and the fellowship. They will be assigned once the selection process is completed.

Who will pay for my accommodation and other expenses?

Vision India Foundation provides a healthy stipend which takes care of the expenses. In some cases, part of the stipend may be directly used to arrange the lodging and boarding of the fellow.

I do not know the local language of project location. Will that impact my selection?

Knowing the local language is always better to communicate with the people. Selected fellows are encouraged to learn the local language as part of the curriculum.

Is training a part of the fellowship?

Yes, fellows will be trained through a variety of programs during the fellowship. This does not involve any additional cost. For longer training programs (2-3 weeks), training cost is in lieu of stipend for the equivalent period. Such training happens only 2-3 times in total.

Are there specific educational requirements for different projects?

Applicants with relevant education and work experience will have an edge in the selection process. Fellows are provided with regular training to keep up with the desired outcomes.

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