The ‘age of information’ needs focused minds and alert hands to harness unprecedented opportunity for better societal outcomes. People who can synthesize different perspectives and critically analyze problems to find solutions that lead to high-impact action would take leadership roles and generate positive impact. The work begins with cultivating deliberative processes that can nurture the invaluable competencies of Active Listening, Efficient Conversation, and Networking.

Building these competencies and establishing contact between aspiring leaders and role models needs a platform – A platform that can serve as a means and destination for high-value, action-oriented meeting of minds and hearts.

CANCLAVE is borne out of this vision.


It is a 5-hour long conference filled with inspiring change makers, mind-blowing stories and thought-provoking speeches. It brings together a community of change agents on a single platform to unleash new ideas, discuss thoughts and network with future public leaders.

CANCLAVE is a small gathering where a local hero shares his/her experiences and learnings. Each conference is independently planned and coordinated with the Vision India Foundation team. With one common thread, the content and theme of each of the CANCLAVE is different and developed individually.


A palette of short, prepared talks and presentations that are theme-focused, and cover the subject to cultivate learning and wonder – and encourage fruitful conversation.

Diversity of topics

CANCLAVE(s) covers a whole spectrum of themes including Education, Law, Health, Economics, etc. – Basically anything that is related to Public Good, Policy, Governance, and Change. Each conference offers something new.

Community-driven and bias-free content

A CANCLAVE is organized by volunteers from the college or community and does not incorporate commercial, religious or political agenda. Its goal is to spark conversation, connection, and networking.

What a CANCLAVE is not:

  • A CANCLAVE is not a marketing, political or religious conference
  • It cannot be used to raise money for any purpose
  • It cannot partner with any other event organizing company

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