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Vivekananda’s Vision Transcends Narrow Political Binaries

Swami Vivekananda’s remarkable three-minute speech at the Parliament of World Religions catapulted him to world renown and put India on the global stage. In many ways, it marked the beginning of India’s decolonisation and civilisational revival. Shyam Krishnakumar, research associate at Vision India Foundation, writes on Vivekananda’s fundamental contributions to India’s decolonisation -engagement with modernity, […]

National Capital Region: A Hub Of Opportunities That Needs A Development Shakeup

NCR is a unique example of inter-state regional planning and development, bringing together four administratively independent units. It is crucial for the region to develop and keep in mind the objective with which it was established. Soumya Garg, Associate Director, Vision India Foundation, shares her insights. Read the complete article published on Swarajya.

Policy BootCamp in Srilankan Media

The PBC ’17 delegates with Admiral Dr. J Colombage Pathfinder Foundation Centre for Indo-Lanka Initiatives Director, Admiral Dr. Jayanath Colombage, delivered the keynote address titled ‘Indo-Lanka Strategic Ties’, at Vision India Foundation’s Policy BootCamp 2017, in New Delhi. The complete coverage by Daily Mirror is on their website.

Policy BootCamp 2017 – A Delegate’s Perspective

Members of the classroom Vikramashila, after the last debriefing session at PBC ’17 “It was such a great experience that I am not able to make a decision as to where I should start telling my experiences. Meeting new people from all parts of the country, renowned speakers sharing their experiences and knowledge with us. It […]

Solid Waste Management Rules 2016: How well they have been implemented on ground?

    The 2016 Solid Waste Management Rules supersede the Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000, and expand the ambit of application to every urban local body, including outgrowths in urban agglomerations, census towns, areas under railways and airports. The question is, how empowered are the implementation agencies? Dr. Nomesh Bolia, co-founder and mentor to VIF, […]

The Pendency of Cases in High Courts: Hitting the Nail on the Head

    Identifying where the problem lies with judicial pendency in the High Courts of India is a challenge. Civil Writ Petitions in 17 High Courts are the major problem. Knowing the exact problem and location can help customize the solution. With the limited resources (judges) we have, we should allocate them in an optimal […]

Thank You, Varun Gandhi, But We Don’t Really Need The Right To Recall

The proposed ‘Right to Recall’ bill, even though aiming for the noblest of goals, would wreck widespread damage if ever it is made into law. Narasimha Donthineni, VIF Campus Ambassador, IIM Rohtak, shares his thoughts on this move in which Varun Gandhi moved a Private Member’s Bill in the Parliament proposing an amendment in the […]

Judicial reforms: Why lower courts should be the first in the line

Judicial delays are often understood to be due to a shortage of judges. But this is not the sole reason. Shobhit Mathur, Executive Director VIF, and Ram Prasath, Research Intern VIF, show that lower courts can horizontally replicate best practices using the available resources and enhance their performance. Since 80% of the cases are pending in […]

Modi’s Neighbourhood First Policy Must March on, With or Without Pakistan

When Narendra Modi took oath as the 14th Indian Prime Minister in May 2014, he made an unprecedented diplomatic outreach to India’s neighbours by inviting their heads of government. It was the very first initiative of what later came to be known as the ‘neighbourhood first’ policy of the Modi government. Kamal Madishetty, VIF Research […]

Education is Not Just About Math

The success of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan in enrolling almost 98 per cent of all children of school going age has shifted the focus of education to the question of quality. The need for emphasis on quality has been recognised by both educationists and the government. Last year’s Draft National Education Policy has a strong emphasis […]

Arun Jaitley did a great thing by abolishing FIPB

Picture Credits: India Today Amidst a multitude of expectations, finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017-18 in Parliament, one which was low on fireworks but high on pragmatic and incremental changes. Expansion of the tax base by reducing tax rate in the Rs 2.5-5 lakh income bracket, special focus on agriculture and rural sector, […]

Why India Bull-taming Protest May Not Be Just About Bulls

India is a country of a million little mutinies, reeling with rage and revolt. One such mutiny has recently brewed in southern Tamil Nadu state, where people have been protesting against a ban on a traditional bull-taming contest, known as jallikattu. They say the ban is an attack on their culture and identity. The expertise of […]

Modi’s Surgical Strike on Black Money Has Also Hit Maoists Hard

The rise of Left-Wing Extremism in India goes back to the first peasants’ uprising at Naxalbari in 1967. It reached its pinnacle in 2009, when the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described Maoist activities as “the biggest internal security threat ever faced by the country”. This shows the grave concerns the state and the civilians […]

How Demonetisation Choked Pakistan’s Fake Currency Influx Into India

Demonetisation has hit multiple targets, and one certainly, is fake Indian currency notes in circulation. The outcome is clear with violence in Kashmir reducing by 60 per cent, what with the Hurriyat Conference’s funds drying up. This article is drawn from the study undertaken in Dec 2015 by Abiram Devnathan, Research Intern, VIF. Read the complete article […]

Know The Teachings Of Swami Vivekananda On His 154th Birth Anniversary

Today, more than a hundred years later, his words have permeated across India and set fire to thousands across our land. In every village in this country, chances are that we shall find at least one charity named after him. What is about the vision of Swami Vivekananda that drives so many people to strive […]

Impact Assessment of Change in Yatris – Good Governance Yatra ’16

  The GGY is an immersive learning experience that changes perspectives about government and elected representatives in our country. The bar graph shows an impact assessment of this change in the yatris from the recently concluded yatra – The final question reflects that the yatra indeed is contributing to change agents for nation building.